Mini haul

I did not write anything for a veeeeeeeeeery long time so I decided to start with something easy: a mini haul.

Truth be told these are not the only goodies that I bought lately but… I work with what I got. Most probably the rest of them will appear in a different post.

IMG_4226 - Copy k

From the products you can see in the photo the only old friend is the Yves Rocher shower gel. I absolutely love its smell therefore I decided to try the body lotion as well. I would like to note that the pump must be bought separately as the lotion is sold usually with the same kind of cap as the shower gel.

I have heard only positive things about the Ebelin nail polish remover so I put it in the shoppint cart.

There was a time when I read a lot of positive rerviews about this Elseve product so when I so it on sale I could not resist not buying it.

The Clinique sample has 15 ml and I received in Sephora (when buying a gift for somebody else).

Probably because summer is now just a sweet memory I found the SPF50+ from Bioderma at half price and given the fact that I was already decided to give its rightfull importance to this aspect of skin caring I couldn’t be more thrilled about my luck.

The rash after hair removal is not a big issue for me but if I can make it a no issue why not try? This was the reasoning behind buying the Babylove lotion against rash (which is actually intended for babies skin).

The reason behind buying the essence paper wipes against sebum was a tipical one for a woman: what if someday I will need them 😀 .






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