Perfect Anti-Aging Serum from Gerovital Farmec H3 Evolution range

IMG_4345farmec_gerovital_H3_evolution_ser_perfect_anti-age For many years I did not realise the importance of using SPF creams therefore I got myself some pretty obvious wrinkles which led to me looking for anti-aging products and start using SPF creams.

During this search I saw this serum. It says it is recommended for people over 45 years but as I believed that I need a shock treatment to reduce wrinkles and then just maintain the result I bought it.

It was wrapped in a purple box but unfortunately I no longer have it so I could not photograph it. The serum is in a plastic tube that immitates really well glass and stainless steel. Its look and usability are of five stars.

It has a pump and also the bottoms comes up with every use of the serum which allows you to use even the last drop of it. The only disadvantage is the fact that the plasctic is not opaque, though that also means you see exactly the amount of product you have IMG_4346farmec_gerovital_H3_evolution_ser_perfect_anti-age_pompitaleft so you don’t run out of it.

I’ve used it only on the areas where I wanted to diminish the wrinkles: under the eyes, forehead and for the naso-labial wrinkles.
IMG_4348farmec_gerovital_H3_evolution_ser_perfect_anti-age_consistenta+culoareUsed every morning and every evening the fine lines dissapeared almost completely and the wrinkles were drastically reduced. After I finished I did not start using a new one but continued using very hidrating creames and SPF. The result lasted for about half a year, after that the fine lines became too visible for my liking.

I still had a brand new serum from Romania so I started using it. Since a trip to Romania was not in my plans for quite a while I thought I should try to save some of the serum. Therefore I used half of it, got the result I wanted and decided to keep the rest of it for later usage. I put it for safe keeping in a dark, non-humid place. I tried using the second half after 5 months but I got a pretty bad rash from it which led me to the conclusion that it lost its properties.

The above experince proved to me one more time that the little drawing showing how long it is ok to use a product after you open it is there not just for decorating purposes.

I do recommend the product, it helped me a great deal and I can hardly wait to purchase it again when I go to Romania.

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