Favisan anti-dandruff shampoo

I bought this shampoo drawn to it by the fact that it is an anti-dandruff shampoo at a very good price. Unfortunately I did not take a good look at the ingredients. As a result I used about 10 times and now I use to wash my make-up brushes or make-up sponges.

I don’t think it is a bad shampoo. I had no adverse reactions to it.

I did not get any dandruff because of it (I know it says anti-dandruff but you would be surprised of problems I have encountered in other cases:)) ), my hair is not falling off more than usually  (like it happens to me when I use Head & Shoulders), it did not irritate my scalp, it did not tangle my hair.

It cleaned my hair nicely and thoroughly, did not made it greaser that its usual self.

Than what IS my problem you may ask?!

It is minty!!!

The only minty things I can stand are the ones related to the oral hygiene. I don’t ever like using minty products, not even during the excruciating summer heat.
I used a few times out of curiosity but I could not get used to it.

The cap closes well, but you will not break your nail trying to open it.

You can see its consistency, color and ingredients in the photos. 

If you do not have the same problem as me with minty products I think as a shampoo it does a good job.

Hint: I was in a stage of no dandruff, so from that point of view i can not give a proper advice.

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