Dry shampoo Balea Trend It Up

I loooove it, so we know on which foot we’re starting this. :)))

I am not subjective, I am very/the most subjective. This is due to the fact that the only other dry shampoo i tried was Klorane and i tried it in ancient times. 

You can read here the kind of hair I pride myself with. (NOT).

What I did not mention there is the fact that it takes 25 hours for my hair to become greasy. Yeap, my hair looks ok-ish for 25 hours after I wash it. How do I know this with such precision? There was a time when I had to take a bus trip that lasted 25 hours. Given the fact that it was during the summer I washed my hair before I got out of the house because I wanted my hair to look good at my destination.

It look good alright… if by good you mean hair  with zero volume, glued to the head (as if a herd of cattle licked it, to be more exact) and full of… well, grease. A dream come true. Such a dream that I never got over it.

Below you have an example. I insisted on the front hair only.







That is why I love dry shampoos. I mean… this dry shampoo.

I have two ways of applying it, depending on my mood.

I spray the hair roots from afar and than I massage the scalp right away with my fingertips in order for the shampoo to spread evenly on the hair. And that is about it, I comb it using my fingers and…off I go.

The second method is almost the same, the difference is that after I spray the roots I leave it as it is for about 5-10 minutes and then I rub my head with a towel. Obviously this second method scream for a comb, unless I want an 80’s hair-do. On the other hand the shampoo is better mixed this way.

I like that it allows me to keep my hair loose for 2 days in a row or in case I am in a hurry I am ready to go after only to sprays.

This shampoo might suite me so well because I am blond. It might not be so suitable for brunettes, as it might not mix so well with the color, or at least mixing it in the hair could be a bit more difficult.

On the other hand, for it’s price you should give it a try.

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