Clear shampoo

One of the things beauty related that I badly want to change about myself is my

IMG_4129_sampon_clear1 - Copyhair. More specific the time frame in which it becomes greasy.

As I mentioned in the “About me” section, after I wash it my hair looks good on the first day, on the second day I have to have it up in a pony tail and on the third day it already looks like it wasn’t touched by shampoo in a few weeks.

Therefore I am always looking for a shampoo that would delay the occurrence of sebum. I tried a lot with no result.

But life is full of surprises. I bought the Clear shampoo without having any kind of expectations from it.




Fortunately it offered a very nice surprise: my hair is looking fine for two days after washing it. But I get this result only when I use the shampoo with the orange dot. The others do not have the same result when using them.

Its colour is white-pearl, its consistency like most shampoos. Its smell is a fresh one, it is not strong and it does not last.

I could not possibly tell you if it has any result as far as dandruff is concerned because I did not have any when I started using it or during that time.


Aaaaand there is no happy ending to my story… after several months of using the shampoo it no longer works. Now my hair is greasy within 25 hours after I wash it. But I am still hoping to find the Holy Grail shampoo.

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