Farmec Depilatory cream


I never shaved. And most probably never will. Therefore the second best option just as fast is a depilatory cream. It is not my favourite method for two reasons: the smell and the fact that you can not use any product that contains perfume within 24 hours after using it.

The Farmec one is my favourite because it is the most effective. It is enough to leave it on the skin for 5-10 ( depending how sensitive the area is ) and it takes everything off living the skin smooth and clean. Fortunately the smell does not persist on the skin.

I use it as it follows: I wash my skin thoroughly ( without exfoliating it ), I am careful to rinse the skin completely, I apply the cream with a palette knife being careful to cover the hait completely and I wait. It is best to keep water away from the area where the cream is applied as it can dilute and therefore it will not have the same efficiency. I get it off using the same palette knife under running water. The cream must be applied on dry skin.


The texture is quite thick but not so thick for one to have any issues applying it.

The cap is closing well and I never nad any problems when openning it.

It is written on the cream not to use any product that has perfume among the ingredients for 24 hours. I never ignored this, but a friend of mine that did had a very bad rash for two weeks. So don’t try it.

Would I recommend it? As a short-term solution or for emergency cases: yes. For a long term use: absolutely not.


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