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I bought this face primer because it said that it would make the skin look fresh, radiant and the foundation will last longer.

The packaging is ok, it has a pomp so it is hygienic.

The first disappointment came with the first pressing of the pump. The volume of the primer was reduced almost to half, like in the featured image of the article.

IMG_4310 - Copy

The colour did not discourage me, given that primers need to be applied in small quantities. I actually liked the little glitter particles because I assumed they would make the foundation be a bit glowy.

The little glitter particles dissapear once the foundation is applied, althought before that they are very noticeable. So… no glowy look whatsoever.

IMG_4314 - CopyIn the swatch it might look as if it makes the skin look smoother, but it really isn’t the case. It does not influence in the slightest the way the foundation looks on the skin. I had face cremes that did a better job than this primer.

It does do anything as far as the lasting of the foundation is concerned.

Conclusion: there is absolutely no difference if i use the primer or not, it doesn’t do anything at all for me, wasted money. At least it was cheap.

IMG_4306 - Copy

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