Despre mine

Ten: Am tenul mixt (zona T produce mai mult sebum, dar nu excesiv,iar restul fetei e uscat). Pori mariti, puncte negre, cosuri pe barbie si in zona nasului, extrem de rar pe obraz. Rozacee. Sensibilitate foarte mare la noxele din aer, de aceea nu pot iesi din casa fara fond de ten decat in zonele de munte si si acolo doar daca nu sunt masini. Pistruii apar foarte usor in urma expunerii la soarele verii, iarna nu am deloc. Am trecut de 25 de ani, deci ridurile sunt o problema. Nu una foarte mare dupa parerea mea, dar sunt acolo, mai ales pe langa ochi si pe frunte.
Skin: I have combination skin ( the T zone produces more sebum, but not excessively and the rest of the face is dry). I have big pores, blackheads, pimples on the chin and near the nose, hardly ever on the cheeks). Rosacea. High sensibility to emissions. That is why I can not get out of the house without foundation unless it is somewhere without cars. The freckles come out easily if I expose my skin to the summer sun (only on my face though). I don’t have any during the winter. I am older than 25 yo, so wrinkles are an issue. Not that much of a problem, but they are there nevertheless around the eyes and on the forehead.

Par: De pisica, adica fara volum, foarte gras la radacina si uscat pe lungime, vopsit blond ani de zile. Culoarea naturala e un blond-gri foarte interesant care mi se pare ca nu mi se potriveste deloc (cam ca al Danei Nalbaru in aceasta fotografie). Acesta este si motivul pentru care l-am vopsit blond deschis ani la rand.
Hair: Cat-like (or so it is called in romanian ): no volume, greasy roots but dried ends, dyed blond for years. Its natural colour is a strange blond-grey which I do not think it compliments my skin complexion at all (the color is like the  one of the girl in the photo). This is the reason why I had it dyed blond for years.

Corp: Piele normala, dar foarte uscata in zona gambelor.
Body: Normal skin but very dry on the legs.

Maini: Pielea se usuca foarte tare indiferent de sezon. Cel mai grav e iarna, cand, daca uit sa le hidratez intr-o prima faza se fac ca de hartie, incep sa usture si am patit cand mi-a crapat pielea (nu mai vorbesc de halul in care ma usturau cand am patit asta). De aceea am de obicei 3 creme de maini: una casa, una in poseta si una la birou.
Hands: The skin on my hand gets dry easily regardless of the season. The worst is during the winter when, if I forget to hydrate, them at first they became like pergament, they sting and once my skin cracked (the pain when that happened is not to be mentioned). That is why I have 3 hand creams: one at home, one in my bag and one in the office.

Unghii: Care se exfoliaza (doar partea crescuta). Cuticulele sunt uscate si le tai, altfel ajung pana la jumatatea unghiei si arata groaznic. Exfolierea e mult redusa daca folosesc oja. Imi place foarte mult sa le am lungi, dar de cand cu aceasta problema nu prea am cum, deci acum le am de lugime medie sau chiar scurte.
Nails: They are exfoliating (only the grown part). The cuticles are very dry so i cut them, otherwise I end up having them on half of the nail and it looks awful. They don’t exfoliate just as bad if I use nail polish. I love having long nails but in the given conditions I don’t really have that option, so right now I keep them short or medium length.

Picioare: Piele ingrosata si bataturi. Desi folosesc crema, am reusit doar sa ameliorez situatie nu sa o rezolv. Banuiesc ca are legatura si cu faptul ca am o circulatie periferica…de cosmar.
Feet: Thickened skin and calluses. Although I use foot cremes I only managed to make it better not resolve it. I suppose it is related to the fact that I have really bad peripheral blood circulation. 

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